Web Development

I make wesites that loves to stay over the internet using the latest technology trends. I try to write managable and scalable code so expansion is never a problem. I have knowledge about MERN & JAM stack

Custom Management System

Are you someone who wants to make a blog or some website with frequent changes in content ? Custom Management System (CMS) is the solution. It helps in easy editing and handling of content

Hosting & Maintenance

Yay, we made a website ! That doesn't mean it is live over the internet and people are ready to consume your website. No problem I got you covered, I am there for all the after work getting a domain, getting a cheap hosting, small changes that might have creeped into your mind after you made your site live. I am with you from start to end


Front End Engineer



May 2020 - August 2020

Building an online private jet, helicopter booking system

Building user dashboard for every passenger

Translating the design mockups into reusable components

Built blog to improve SEO and to fuel social media campaigns

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Featured Projects


Designer's Palette

A designer ? Someone who wants to get his/her colours in the same place ? This is for you. Features:- Click on the colour to copy it to your clipboard, Dynamically generating shades for all your added colours, You can delete/create new palettes which are stored in your browser's storage, A dark colour has light text and light colour has a dark text, so that you don't strain your eyes much, While creating palette colours can be dragged and placed in any particular order as per your choice, Newly Created Palettes are saved in browser storage

React JSMaterial-UIJSS

Covid-19 Tracker

A React App for all the latest updates about the spread of Corona Virus in India Features:- Data is analyzed with graphs, State wise statistics are shown, District wise statistics are shown, Updated regulary (All the available time stamps are notified), Resources List for almost every city is provided which includes TestLabs, Free Food Services, etc.



This is a Streaming App that allows you Create, Read, Update and Delete your Stream and has multiple APIs integrated. The API services used are gapi (Google OAuth), RTMP server(Node Media Server) and json-server for data. Other front-end libraries used are semantic UI and flv.js

React JSReduxRTMP serverSemantic Ui

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